Oxford Paedostani Sex Gang Forced Victims To Smoke Crack Cocaine And Injected With Heroin

- 17 January 2013

The trial of the Oxford Muslim grooming gang has been under way since the beginning of the at the Old Bailey Courts in London. Expected to last until April, already some very disturbing details have emerged about the levels of abuse which indicate this Islamic sex gang could be a lot more evil and the abuse dished out more horrific than that of their fellow Islamo-nonces from the Rochdale grooming gang who were jailed last year.

The victims here it would seem were certainly younger than those in Rochdale. Some of the schoolgirls they targeted were 11 years old, that’s barely out of primary school making their perverted crimes even more horrendous. No excuses of i thought they was 18 for this bunch of nonces. This is just out and out paedophilia which absolutely nothing on this world can justify. Although im quite sure a few Muslim apologists will try such as regular blog commentator Ifiktar Ahmed who will no doubt put it down to the lack of Muslim only schools like he does with everything else.(*tip I.A. don’t bother cutting and pasting your usual apologist drivel on this post because it will be deleted*)

First impressions suggest the Muslim oxygen thieves on trial are out and out monsters. What sort of horrible excuse for a human being injects an 11 year old school girl with heroin or forces them to smoke so much crack cocaine the victim couldn’t breathe and had to be taken to hospital. These aren’t a bottle of cider or a spliff which are bad enough to give a child. Heroin and Crack and the 2 nastiest drugs out there are highly addictive. The Muslim paedophiles knew exactly what they was doing by giving them the girls. Hoping they would get addicted and even more under their control. (continue reading...)