Opening the Floodgates

GalliaWatch - 02 December 2012

It looks like Interior Minister Manuel Valls (above) is going to be very firm with illegal immigrants. The longer they remain illegally in France, the greater the risk he will make them French citizens! At least that is the implication of the reforms contained in a circular sent to the ministers. Novopress reports:

The circular from the Interior Ministry on amnesty for illegal aliens was presented on Wednesday to the Council of Ministers and published on Thursday (November 29) in the Journal Officiel (similar to the Federal Register). New criteria for amnesty have been established. The families of the illegal aliens will be amnestied on the condition they have been residing on French territory for five years and their children have been enrolled in school for three. Illegal workers must have been present in France for at least five years, and must have worked the last two years consecutively. Finally, young adult illegal aliens who attended school at least three years in France before their 18th birthday will be amnestied. (continue reading...)