One holy warriors stormy road to beer and bacon

Faith Freedom International - 19 November 2012

The closer one looks at the amazing story of the Danish Islam convert, Morten Storm, who volunteered for holy war in Somalia and later became a police agent and opponent of Islam, the clearer it becomes that an Islamic power-grab in Denmark will be harder than probably imagined by Islamic strategists.

If a novelist had written a manuscript about Morten Storm’s fantastic twists and turns, any publisher worth his salt would have rejected it.

Storm (36) began his career as a petty criminal and became a member of the biker gang Bandidos. In 1997 he gave up his criminal activities and converted to Islam. He grew a red beard, donned a Taleban dress and became active in a number of mosques while appearing in the Danish press as a holy man and determined advocate of the prophet. He also stayed in contact with terrorists in several countries.

Following the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, he became so enthusiastic that he named his son Osama after the uberterrorist Osama bin Laden. (continue reading...)