Nine-Year-Old British Student Aaron Dugmore Commits Suicide to Escape Bullying by Muslims

Answering Muslims - 24 February 2013

If you thought young British girls were the only victims of European multiculturalism, think again. The family of Aaron Dugmore moved to the Aston district of Birmingham, where the largest ethnic group is Pakistani and the most common religion is Islam. Young Aaron was bullied and threatened mercilessly at his new school, but when his mother complained to the school's headmaster, she was told, "You didn’t have to come to this school, you chose to come here."

News reports are labeling the bullies "Asians," just as multiple U.K. rape-gangs (typically with one or two "Muhammads" among the perpetrators) are labeled "Asians." It seems the media are absolutely incapable of learning their lesson. Aaron was bullied because British adults are too cowardly to confront the radical intolerance of Muhammad's teachings. Now that a child is dead, the media continue to pretend that Islam can't possibly have anything to do with what's happening in Europe. The real problem is racism among "Asians." (continue reading...)