Netherlands: 80% of Turks, Moroccans marry same ethnic group

Islam in Europe - 22 November 2011

4,500 immigrants got married in the Netherlands in 2010. 25% were Turkish or Moroccan, most of them married a partner from the same ethnic group. As was the case since 2006, in 10% of the immigrant marriages the partner came from abroad.

Of the Turks and Moroccans who got married in the Netherlands last year, 20% married a partner from abroad, compared with more than 50% in 2000. In 2010 there were 970 Turkish and 870 Moroccan migrant marriages.

Slight more than 80% of Turks and Moroccans marry a partner from the same ethnic group. In most cases the partner already lives in the Netherlands. A small percentage marry an ethnic Dutch or somebody from another ethnic group. In other ethnic groups, the percentage who marry ethnic Dutch is much greater. 30% of Surinamese and 40% of Antilleans who married in 2010, married an ethnic Dutch.

The percent of migrant-marriages among first generation immigrants is higher than among the second generation. In 2010, 27% of the first generation Moroccan marriages were migrant marriages, compared with 10% among the second generation. Among Turks, in both cases about 16% were migrant marriages. (...)