Necla Kelek: "Social Science Research in Germany is Totally Ideologised" - 21 January 2013

Necla Kelek is a Turkish immigrant who grew up in Germany. She has written books criticising various aspects of Islamic and Turkish culture and describing the barriers they create to successful integration in Germany. Because she is non-European herself, she is immunised against accusations of racism. So the multicultists strive to find other grounds to criticise her.

Patrick Bahners, until 2011 features editor of the "FAZ" [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a major German newspaper], and the German historian Wolfgang Benz have written books against you and other "Islam critics". And already in 2006, 60 immigration researchers protested publicly against your book "The Lost Sons": they said you worked unscientifically and generalised in an impermissible way . . .

If using the same working methods I had said that immigrants were oppressed, they wouldn't have anything unscientific about it at all, I believe. It's the result that doesn't suit them! For my book "The foreign bride" about forced marriages, I spoke with 40 to 50 women who had been married into Germany, read innumerable books and conducted research. For "The Lost Sons" I did interviews with men in prison for two years and conducted analysis. What I say, I prove. However I am an independent author and have no academic institute backing me up, nor would I be able to ...

What does that mean, you wouldn't be able to? (continue reading...)