NY Daily News: "Anti-Muslim group sparks controversy by posting ads featuring Hitler on Washington, D.C. buses

PamelaGeller - 23 May 2014 - From Pamela Geller

Here’s the thing — the media and various groups representing yesterday’s men are floored by the image of Hitler, but why aren’t they just as floored by the Muslim Hitler, the Mufti al-Husseini? He is as monstrous a historical figure as Hitler, and yet he elicits little to no reaction — further proof of the scrubbing of jihad and Islamic jihad from the pages of history. Al-Husseini should be just as widely recognized as the Nazi that he is as Hitler or Mussolini is. But Islam has been scrubbed from WWII history, just as Islamic supremacists are trying to scrub jihad from the 911 Memorial and Museum. Same thing.

"Right wing group” — that’s what an organization that advocates for individual rights is called. Note the description, "anti-Muslim” group. The media is implying that all Muslims are Jew haters — oh, the islamophobia!

Anti-Muslim group sparks controversy by posting ads featuring Hitler on Washington, D.C. buses The American Freedom Defense Initiative, a group led by right-wing blogger Pamela Geller, paid for the controversial ads. The campaign will run on 20 buses in the nation’s capital for about a month.

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Daily News, May 22, 3014

The right-wing group that once posted fiery anti-Muslim ads in New York City’s subways is at it again—this time in Washington, D.C.

For the next few weeks, straphangers in the nation’s capital will be greeted by Adolf Hitler during their morning commutes, thanks to a controversial new ad campaign that plastered a photo of the Nazi leader onto the sides of 20 D.C. buses.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative’s 15-foot ads show Hitler talking to Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem who teamed up with the Nazis in an attempt to try to drive Jews out of Palestine. Al-Hesseini once supported Hitler’s policy of exterminating the Jews, the Washington Post reported.

"Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s In the Quran,” the AFDI ad reads, calling for an end to U.S. aid given to Islamic countries.

"Stop racism,” the fiercely anti-Muslim group adds.

The firebrand who leads the AFDI, Pamela Geller, said her pro-Israel campaign is a response to another set of ads that found their way onto D.C. Metro buses this March and April.

Those ads, paid for by the American Muslims for Palestine, spoke out against Israel’s presence in Palestine. (continue reading...)