Muslim Racism: Libyan Edition

FrontPage Magazine - 05 December 2012 - From Daniel Greenfield

Occasionally there are articles that tell the truths about the Muslim world that you are not supposed to tell. This article, on the joys of the post-Gaddafi Libya, is one of them.

One of my dearest friends in Tripoli was a woman who had lived in Canada for 20 years before eventually returning to Libya. At the time of the revolution, I had known her for more than two years and had come to count on her loyal friendship and to admire her generosity.

She was a devout Muslim who faithfully performed her prayers, fasted during Ramadan, paid zakat (tithe), and gave ungrudgingly to beggars when we encountered them in the street. Yet she was not a fundamentalist. She confided to me that she had once told her husband, "I just want to try wine and see what the big deal is.” She tried it, said "What’s the big deal?” and never drank again.

She did not follow her faith out of fear or condemn others for their beliefs. With her, I could even raise questions about the existence of God without any anxiety. (continue reading...)