Muslim Population in Sweden and Denmark Doubled in 14 Years

The Muslim Issue - 08 October 2012 - From Ingrid Carlqvist & Lars Hedegaard

Despite the fact that Muslims tend to exhibit behavior that clearly distinguishes them from both the European host populations and other immigrant groups, there are no official figures to indicate how many Muslims live in Sweden and Denmark. Danes and Swedes have had to rely on wildly diverging estimates because the authorities refuse to publish statistics on religion or culture.

In Denmark estimates ranging from 200,000 to 700,000 have been circulated.

Dispatch is now able to reveal the true figures based on our own research: 574,000 Muslims in Sweden and 256,000 in Denmark. The statistical uncertainty is roughly +/- 20,000 in Sweden and +/- 10,000 in Denmark.

This means that Muslims make up 6.05% of Sweden’s population and 4.59% of Denmark’s.

In 1998 there were 284,000 Muslims in Sweden and they made up 3.21% of the total population. In other words, the number of Muslims has roughly doubled over the period 1998-2011.

During the same period, Muslim immigration and natural increase among Swedish Muslims have accounted for slightly over 41% of Sweden’s total population growth.

The Muslim share of Denmark’s total population growth 1998-2012 is markedly lower and accounts for a bit over 33%

In 1998 Denmark’s Muslim population was 153,000 and made up 2.88% of the total population.

As mentioned, neither Statistics Denmark nor its Swedish equivalent, Statistiska Centralbyran, keep records of how many Muslims live in the two countries. They do, however, register how many people bear particular first names. (continue reading...)