Munich: Bank Accounts of Islam Critics Frozen and Closed Without Notice - 29 September 2013 - From Cheradenine Zakalwe

I've mentioned the Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger a few times. He is spearheading a campaign protesting against the construction of an Islamic centre in Munich, hoping to gather enough signatures to be able to force a referendum on the issue.

He received this letter from his bank.

Termination without notice

Dear Mr Stürzenberger,

Subsequent to our termination without notice dated 20/09/2013, in accordance with clause 19, no. 3 of our general terms and conditions, we hereby terminate the business relation exceptionally and without notice.

Due to numerous complaints from our esteemed customers, our attention has been drawn to web pages in which the Münchner Bank eG and the account number given to you are mentioned in connection with calls for donations. The content of these web pages and your own personal approach is compatible neither with the coopeative principles nor with the intentions of our customers or our company. It is therefore unreasonable for us to continue our business relationship with you until the expiry of the notice period that forms part of an orderly termination procedure. (continue reading...)