Mohammed drawings fund satirical website

The Copenhagen Post - 02 November 2009

Illustrators target climate change debate on a new website funded by the sale of the Mohammed drawings. A satirical climate website operated by the Danish Illustrators Association will be launched tomorrow. The site,, is funded by money raised through the sale and use of Jyllands-Posten newspaper’s infamous Mohammed cartoons and will feature satirical drawings with climate themes every day until the end of the COP15 climate conference in December. It will also include regular comments on the climate change debate.

Since their publication in 2005, the Mohammed drawings have been reprinted throughout the world. But although the new website will benefit from the cartoons’ income, it will have nothing to do with Mohammed or Islam.

‘This initiative was created to emphasise the tradition of satirical cartoons in Danish newspapers and other media,’ the association’s chairman Claus Seidel said (...)