Man gets 2 weeks' jail for insulting Islam

Cannel News Asia - 05 August 2010 - From Shaffiq Alkhatib

A 44-year-old self-employed man has been sentenced to two weeks' jail for leaving behind a card that insulted Islam on a car belonging to a Malay man. Andrew Kiong Kheng Kiat left it on the car of 40-year-old Mohamad Dahar Dollah on February 2 last year. The car was parked at the basement carpark of Le Loyang condominium at Jalan Loyang Besar.

Mr Mohamad Dahar's wife, 38-year-old Halinah Barudin found the card about an hour later in the evening. She was disturbed by it and informed her husband that night.

Mr Mohamad Dahar later met the chairperson of the condominium's management committee. Together, they viewed CCTV footage taken of the carpark and saw Kiong placing the card on the car.

Mr Mohamad Dahar informed the authorities and Kiong was called in for questioning. He admitted to the police that he had printed 16 similar cards and distributed eight of them. They were placed on cars which Kiong believed were owned by Muslims (...)