Malmö says "Nej tack to the EDL

Gates of Vienna - 29 August 2013 - From Baron Bodissey

Dispatch International has invited English Defence League leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll to visit Copenhagen and Malmö next month, providing Danes and Swedes with the opportunity to learn first-hand what the EDL stands for, rather than read the distorted version fed to them by the MSM.

The two Lutonians will appear as scheduled in Copenhagen, but the Malmö gig has been thrown into doubt by the venue, which cancelled the booking when they found out that two right-wing extremist racist xenophobic fascist neo-Nazi Islamophobes were going to be the feature attraction.

DI posted the following notice on Tuesday:

The Swedish Free Press Society and Dispatch International present Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll

Swedish and Danish media portray the grass root English Defence League, EDL, as a bunch of violent football hooligans and despicable racists. But are they? Come and hear what the EDL’s leaders have to say.

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll will visit Malmö and Copenhagen to tell why they oppose England’s Islamization and how they go about it. After their speeches, the audience will have ample opportunity to ask questions. (continue reading...)