Lyon: Convert to Judaism Sacked After Complaining About Harassment by Muslim Pupils - 06 December 2012

It all started a few weeks ago with the account of a teacher (female), a contract history/geography teacher at the Condorcet secondary school in Saint-Priest. In the course of converting to Judaism, she regularly attended the Grand synagogue at Quai Tilsitt in Lyon. It is then that she confided in the grand rabbi, Richard Wertenschlag, on attacks of an antisemitic character that she said she had been subjected to in the course of her work.

A few days before, she had been the victim of sarcasm from her pupils on the day before Yom Kippur, a Jewish religious festival for which she had obtained a day of leave on 26 September. "We don't want a Jew as a teacher in our class", the pupils are said to have said. Later, on 3 October, on the occasion of a (supposedly) pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the school, three individuals forced their way into her class and disturbed the lesson – they were removed with the help of other teachers and the head teacher. A few days later came another clash in class during a lesson on the birth of the Israeli state: the pupils are said to have passionately denounced "Jewish imperialism" and refused to admit Israel's right to exist, a country they said was a "thief of land". (continue reading...)