Local Councillor of Islam Party Invites Belgian King to Convert to Islam

islamversuseurope.blogspot.ca - 13 January 2013 - From Open letter to his Majesty King Albert II Brussels, 7 January 2013

In the name of God the Merciful Sire, This letter was written by Redouane son of Abdeslam ben Ali, local councillor in Anderlecht, to Albert son of Leopold son of Albert, King of the Belgians.

Blessed be those who follow the path of revelation. Glory to God above whom there is no other divinity, the Master of the World, the Sovereign.

I testify that Jesus son of Mary is the Spirit of God and his Word. It is God who sent the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary to announce the good news. God created him from His Spirit and His breath as he created Adam from His hand and His breath.

In the Gospel, Jesus announced the forthcoming arrival of the last Prophet, Mohammed. The first versions of the Bible testify to this. In the Holy Koran, God enjoins us to believe in all His Prophets, his Angels and his sacred Books. Any monotheist believer fill find in the Koran the satisfaction of his faith.

Consequently, I invite you to adore God, the Only one who has no associates at all and to obey Him, as well as to follow the path of Islam which is the culmination of monotheism announced by Abraham, salvation and peace be upon him and his descendants.

In embracing Islam, you will find Peace and God will give you a double reward. If you reject him, you will bear on your shoulders the burden of the sins of your subjects and your followers.

I have accomplished my task by transmissing the Good News to you. It is up to you, Sire, to take the right decision.

May Peace be upon you as well as your family and all those who follow the right path, that of those who have obtained the satisfaction of God. (continue reading...)