Leading Belgian Businessman Expresses Fears About Islamisation

islamversuseurope.blogspot.ca - 20 January 2013

Two things about this interview are especially notable. The first is that the person being interviewed, George Jacobs, is part of the Establisment: IMF economist, banker, industrialist. The second is that his remarks were completely unprompted. The interview wasn't about this topic. It was generally about economic affairs. Then, suddenly, he wanders off and starts talking about islamisation.

When you look at our society, what prompts the most reflections in you?

In Belgium, it's the change in demographics that worries me. I'm totally in favour of the opening of our borders and see a positive aspect to immigration, but I am struck by the difference in the cultures which currently make up our society. I am afraid that we are not succeeding in with this integration in a world where we have to integrate. (continue reading...)