Latest on attacs on Israel and Pillar of Defense

Tundra Tabloids - 14 November 2012 - From Lt.Col Avital Leibovich

The Tundra Tabloids participated in a phone briefing this evening, with the IDF’s spokesperson, Lt.Col Avital Leibovich

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We started the operation yesterday to do two things:

to defend Israeli civilians and try cripple the ability of the terrorists  in order to minimize the rocket fire. Currently we’re standing in a situation where we’ve targeted 220 targets. Many of the targets consisted of launching squads including Fajir 5, it’s Iranian mad and manufactured missiles the only country in the world that has these missiles in Iran, it can reach approximately 60 klms to the central part of Israel, to Tel Aviv area and we believe can cause great damage.

Approximately 200 rockets landed here  in Israel, just from the beginning of the year till the operation began, there has been 700 rockets altogether. Most of the efforts were drawn to populated areas like Ashdod, Ashkelon and Beersheva which has approximately 200 000 people living in them.

The Iron batteries proved to be very efficient over 90 interceptions, they were deployed in the relevant areas.

Also, in spite of the rocket fire, we facilitated 14 chronically ill Palestinians from Gaza, they wish to be hospitalized in Israel, something that we do on a daily basis. I stress that we allowed this in spite of the rocket fire we let them in.

There are currently many fires going on, in the Tel Aviv area no rockets hit the land. The diffrent terror organizations are still trying to carry out attacks on different targets, Israeli civilians and we are preparing for this. The government has authorized us to recruit reserves if we need them. We currently are not recruiting them.

Now concerning ground operations, we’re currently are looking at that as an option,


Q: There are reports that the navy was shooting rockets into Gaza

AL: I’m not familiar with that at all.

Q: Any update on the Golan Heights, ?

AL: The Golan Heights, you mean  the bullet?

Q: The amassing of the rebels on the border… 

AL: Everything that happens in Syria is internal and I won’t talk about it. Early this noon there was a bullet, we don’t treat it anything more than as a stray bullet. Internal Syrian issues, we are not part of that.

Q: Where did the rocket in Tel Aviv land…

AL: I already said that it did not reach the area. Sometimes launches do not reach the designated areas, we always take precautions, identify the launch….

Q: Anti-aircraft fire reported, anything to it?

AL: Well we have multiple targets and thats what we are doing now. (handling it)

Q Rishon Etzion any idea about what kind of rocket it was?

AL: It landed in an open area,  a couple of hrs ago, no information on it at this time.

TT: What about the precentage rate of success for Iron Dome? Any word on that?

AL: The Iron Dome batteries intercepted over 100  rockets, a real high precentage, that’s all I can tell you. 220 LAUNCHING PADS /TARGETS

NOTE: The Fajr-5, accuracy is not bad, not great. About 1 km at max range (75 km). Accuracy doesn’t improve by linear progression at shorter ranges.

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