Kurdistan: 500 mosques built in 2010

www.kurdishglobe.net - 23 January 2011 - From Qassim Khidhir

Building a school more "charitable," says teachers Kurdistan urges wealthy people to build schools and hospitals instead of mosques. Most schools in Iraqi Kurdistan Region have two shifts, morning and afternoon, because of the large number of students. Qandil secondary school in the Runaki neighborhood in Erbil city is one of three schools with three shifts, and each class has 40 students. Teachers complain that it is very difficult to control classes.

"The large number of students has a bad impact on students' scientific levels," said a teacher at the Qandil school. "The new system and curriculums we have are based on debating; the more the students debate, the more they understand the subject. But because we have so many students in each class, each student only has 30 seconds to debate and ask questions."

The teachers urged the wealthy in Kurdistan to build schools, and they hope the wealthy understand that nowadays building a school or hospital is much more charitable than building a mosque. (...)