Kosovo Underworld Rising

epistulae - 28 January 2008 - From Ioannis Michaletos

February 2008, seems to highlight an important landmark in the history of the Kosovo Province of Serbia. The secessionist supporters both Albanians and elements of the international community are eager to establish an independent state by instigating a fait accompli, so as to prevent the negative reactions of the public opinion who seems to hesitate for such an action.

An interesting aspect of the culminations relating to Kosovo’s status, is the classified reports by intelligence agencies such as the German BND, that have pointed out towards the creation of a “Mafia state” in the heart of the Balkans, that will ultimately assist the proliferation of organized crime activities in Europe.

In a 67 page report that was published on the 22nd of February 2005, BND analysts concluded first of all that there is “Close interaction between the leading members of the Kosovo-Albanian society and the domestic & international underworld currently domiciled in Pristina”. Moreover

The criminal networks don’t support the creation of a stable political and economic environment, since that will reduce their clout.
Thus the crime kingpins
Want to acquire elevated positions within the apparatus of the provisional government and influence directly the politicians.
In short organized crime groups in Kosovo are in the position of dictating the rules of the game in case the Province becomes independent.

Note however that BND characterizes Kosovo as “A critical region for the transportation of narcotics from the East to Western Europe”. Common knowledge suggests that such a state will base its economic survival into continuing its lucrative use as a contraband paradise for illegal commodities.

What is more interesting is the attest by BND of the “Direct involvement of political figures in Kosovo with the Mafia”. Judging by the fact that 16,000 KFOR troops and numerous agents are established already in Kosovo, one wonders what will be the future once independence prevails in the Province.

The UN police agents had already noted in reports dated back in 2004-2005 the involvement of Ramous Haradinaj in “Drugs, fuel trafficking, racketeering and extortion”. BND in its turn asserts that the Haradinaj team which is based in Decani “Profits from all kinds of illegal actions. It numbers some 100 individuals and controls the local municipality”. (...)

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