Koran distributors may face more scrutiny

The Local / Germany - 15 April 2012

German politicians are urging security services to take stronger action against a fundamentalist Muslim group distributing free copies of the Koran, it was reported Sunday.The group should be watched "minute by minute," Hans-Peter Uhl, domestic politicy spokesman for the Christian Social Union (CSU) told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper.

"The situation has intensified and the assessment of these people has been confirmed, based on their behaviour,” he added.

On Saturday, followers of the Salafi branch of Islam handed out free copies of the Koran in many cities throughout the country. German security experts said Salafists advocate a radical, puritanical form of Islam that promotes extremism.

Uhl noted a hate video was released last week directed against two journalists who were critical of the Koran distribution.

Internet propaganda has to be "especially watched,” Uhl said. He noted while the distribution of the Koran is not a criminal act, it supports the "dangerous recruitment of Salafists” in the internet, and their goals are against Germany’s constitution. (...)