KinderGarden Of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks

FrontPage Magazine - 27 January 2013 - From Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Evan Sayet, a writer and political commentator. After his liberal friends’ response to 9/11, he went on a quest to figure out what he calls "The Modern Liberal” mindset. His popular talk to the Heritage Foundation on "How The Modern Liberal Thinks” has received over 600,000 views on youtube, and is the basis for his new book, "The KinderGarden Of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks And Why He’s Convinced That Ignorance Is Bliss.” Visit his site at

FP: Evan Sayet, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Congrats on your new book. It’s really great. In fact, a friend of ours over at PJTV, Bill Whittle, said the other day that it is "perhaps the most important book I’ve read in the past ten years.”

Sayet: Thanks, Jamie!

FP: Let’s begin with what inspired you to write this book.

Sayet: It was time. I had been presenting my understanding of how the Modern Liberal thinks – and why that thinking leads him to side invariably and, in fact, inevitably, with all that is evil, failed and wrong – through a variety of channels: lectures, articles and so on. With the culture war reaching perhaps its ultimate battle, with then the possibility and now the reality of a second Obama administration, I recognized the need to better and further organize my thoughts and present them in a way that was more accessible to more people and that’s this book.

FP: You label yourself a 9-13 Republican. Explain to our readers what you mean by that. (continue reading...)