Just Another New Year's Eve

GalliaWatch - 02 January 2013

According to Le Figaro 1,193 cars were torched on New Year's Eve in France. The news is all over the web already, but I took an extra twenty-four hours of repose from blogging. I hope everyone is rested and ready for whatever Fate has in store. Are we ever ready?

Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced today that 1,193 cars had been burned last night throughout the country. Three hundred and forty-four of them burned from the spread of fire. "The total figures were calculated late this afternoon," he explained.

A closer look shows that 907 cars burned in the zone patrolled by the national police, 267 of them from the spread of fire. In the areas of heavy police presence (Paris and three neighboring departments) 209 cars were burned, 54 from the spread of fire. In the zone patrolled by the gendarmerie, 77 cars were burned. There are nine departments with more than 40 fires, including Seine-Saint-Denis (83 cars), Haut-Rhin (70), Nord (61) and les Bouches-du-Rhône (51).

The minister also announced that there were 339 arrests, 244 persons detained in custody. He added: "Three police officers and four gendarmes were wounded. However, there were no confrontations during the night, except in Strasbourg and Mulhouse."

"Last night, in terms of deeds and phenomenons, was comparable to other years," Valls indicated, all the while regretting the death of a young person near Strasbourg following the backfiring of a mortar. (continue reading...)