Israel, Hamas and Gay Rights: Who Are the Real "Pinkwashers?

FrontPage Magazine - 29 January 2013 - From Daniel Greenfield

Which is gay-friendlier? Hamas or Israel? According to queer theorist leftist Judith Butler, Hamas and Hezbollah are progressive movements that are on the left. The Israelis however are "pinkwashers” who exploit their record of not stoning gays to death to divert attention from their record of killing Islamic terrorists after repeated provocations.

Hamas is on record as saying that homosexuality deserves the death penalty and it’s punishable by ten years in Gaza.

The left claim to be the true supporters of gay rights… and of Islamist groups that believe in killing gays. It would almost seem as if it is the left that exploits its record of supporting gay marriage to divert attention from its record of supporting Islamic thugs who kills gays.

It is the left who are the true pinkwashers. (continue reading...)