Islam Online's "Headless Homosexuals"

FrontPage Magazine - 17 June 2008 - From Joe Kaufman
Islam Online's "Headless Homosexuals"

Is the beheading of homosexuals an Islamic religious duty or an independent political act? This is a question currently being posed on Islam Online (IOL), a website popular to the English and Arabic-speaking Muslim community. Given IOL’s violent anti-homosexual history, the answer may surprise you.

Islam Online was established, in November of 1999, as a web portal for everything of concern to radical Muslims, from family matters and Islamic teachings to current events and the latest in technologies. The main individual behind its creation is Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, a spiritual leader and longtime member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is presently IOL’s Chairman.

Given IOL’s background, one can easily understand the extremism that emanates from its pages. IOL has taken stances in favor of suicide bombings, and IOL has mandated attacks against American troops. As well, the site has discussed gruesome punishments towards those that are homosexual.

IOL houses its own Shari’ah (Islamic law) Scholars, who provide religious rulings on various subjects. One of those subjects is that of homosexuals. In ‘How to Give Up Homosexuality,’ IOL Scholar Ahmad Kutty states that homosexuals “belong to the group of the wicked sinners condemned by Allah” and “have been condemned to eternal perdition by Allah.” (...)