Innocence of Muslims is a documentory, not satire

23 September 2012
Innocence of Muslims is a documentory, not satire

By Nicolai Sennels

Muslims worldwide protests the documentary film Innocence of Muslims. The film depicts their prophet as a child molester, womanizer and violent criminal. A few entries in Wikipedia with all its links to original Islamic sources confirms that Muhammed had sex with a nine year old girl, had thirteen wives and waged bloody wars against the neighbouring towns.

We have all noticed the embarrassing fact that the protesting Muslims have not been able to produce any arguments against the documentary's claims. It seems that in lack of evidence they resort to childish screaming, setting fire to things, explosives and killing innocents in a desperate attempt to silence their critics. The similarities between the film, and the scriptures and Muslims' energetic protests against it are indeed striking. The truth is apparently hard to hear. It is noteworthy how the followers of a faith that they themselves name as a religion of peace so often behave violently, especially when trying to convince us that their prophet does not inspire Muslims to violence.

In order to gain voters and keep their relationship with oil producing countries, our (mis)reprasentatives give in to the terrorists' demands by excusing us for using our right to free speech and our long standing tradition of keeping a healthy critical and often humorist attitude towards religion. The same happens when the political correct media follow the sharia laws by not showing pictures and clips from the documentary in spite of the obvious relevance to the news coverage. It is imperative that the West looks strong in such situations but by misrepresenting us Westerners as weaklings that take threats serious, our policy makers actually negotiate with terrorists - which is a no-go. If there is one thing that Muslims hate and make them increase their wish to harm, it is signs of cowardice. Our appeasing politicians and media's show of respect is therefor not perceived as an invitation to reconciliation, but as a vulnerability that can be, and is and will be, exploited further.

The behaviour of our timid leaders is an affront to the hundreds of thousands of Europeans and Americans who in the centuries before us gave their lives to create and defend our humanistic societies built on free speech and secular laws against brutal kings and medieval religious institutions. By not standing up against the fanatics, which apparently constitute the majority of Muslims, they put their voters and our children in danger.

Some day very soon this will be clear to all.