Hundreds of Muslims protest outside Buddhist school

12 January 2012
Hundreds of Muslims protest outside Buddhist school

People of Shambhala 12 January 2012

Hundreds of Muslims have protested outside a Buddhist school in Bangkok, Thailand. The organization named Muslims for Peace is upset at Wat Nonjok secondary school for its refusal to allow a Muslim student to wear the hijab.

The Muslim organization claims that several teachers have refused to teach the 18 year-old student or to allow her to enter the school building, because of her hijab.

Muslims for Peace have called on Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to intervene.

A number of the organization's members have also erected a wall outside the Prime Minister's office, symbolizing the "barrier" against the hijab-wearing student, erected by the secondary school.
Bernama Malaysian National News Agency reports that Education Minister Worovat Auapinyakul met with Muslims for Peace and told them that students were allowed to wear uniforms based on their religion. He also promised to speak with the school about the matter. The student promised the Education Minister for his support.

Wat Nonjok school says it banned the wearing of the hijab because it is a Buddhist school, and wants all students to wear the same uniform.