Huffington Post: Shill for Hamas Terrorists

FrontPage Magazine - 20 November 2012 - From Arnold Ahlert

HuffPost Live host/producer Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is not the only Huffington Post employee pushing anti-Israel propaganda for the leftist website founded seven years ago by Arianna Huffington. On the other side of the Atlantic, Mehdi Hasan, the political director of the Huffington Post UK, is apparently up to the task as well. A day after Israel finally decided to respond to a barrage of Palestinian rocket attacks, Hasan published a screed titled "Ten Things You Need to Know About Gaza.” It is easily debunked with facts, courtesy of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA).

He begins by referring to Gaza as a prison camp. If Gaza is a prison camp, it is one of the Palestinians’ own making. Israel unilaterally ceded Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005, ousting thousands of Jewish settlers in the process. Both Hamas and Fatah initially took control of the territory. Hamas won a plurality of the vote in the 2006 legislative council elections, and proceeded to oust Fatah in a bloody civil war, assuming total control of Gaza in 2007. (continue reading...)