Hizb ut-Tahrir actively recruits new members in Kyrgyz jails

Interfax-Religion - 18 August 2009

Bishkek. The Hizb ut-Tahrir organization, which is officially outlawed in Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian countries, has stepped up its activities in penitentiaries across Kyrgyzstan, which has led to an increase in the number of its supporters among convicts, Kyrgyz expert Kadyr Malikov said.

"There has been a sharp rise in the number of supporters of the Hizb ut-Tahrir extremist organization in the system of the Justice Ministry's Chief Penitentiary Institutions Department," Malikov, who is director of Kyrgyzstan's analytical and research center of religion, law and politics, told journalists on Wednesday.

"The party has changed some instruments of its work. For instance, Hizb ut-Tahrir pledges to provide complete or partial financial assistance for the families of its members who are currently serving their prison sentences," the expert said (...)