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Creeping Sharia - 11 June 2009

Get involved. Here is your chance. Just a few minutes of your time can help get Islamic jihadi videos taken off Youtube. Read our interview with the relentless folks who comprise the Youtube Smackdown Corps. Then join them!

Join the Youtube Jihadi Smackdown

Creeping Sharia: What is Operation YouTube Smackdown?

This is a project with a very specific agenda – probably best said at one of our websites nearly two years ago:

“Are you aware that terrorists are using the internet, specifically YouTube, to showcase their graphically violent videos celebrating American and Coalition soldiers being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Additionally, they are using these videos for propaganda and teaching/recruitment purposes!

Our mission – remove as many of these videos as possible! Then maybe YouTube will take it upon themselves to join us in trying to preserve what our military fights for every day: Life! Liberty! The Pursuit of Happiness!”

Creeping Sharia: How did Operation Smackdown get started?

“I [Basil] read at PJM that a lone blogger by the name of Rusty Shackleford has made it his personal business to shut down Taliban web sites…It just occurred to me that Ejectia has an opportunity here to take an active role in the fight against terrorism…detailed story here.

Creeping Sharia: Who is behind the effort?

Americans, just like you, committed to our country and our military.

Lady Raven – Just a woman with an attitude about the threats to America today and dedicated to watching the backs of those who are in harms way doing just that (watching our backs) for America.

Lan Astaslem – which is Arabic for “no surrender” and is often the formal response to the invitation to Islam is what I go by in this endeavor. I’m a retired Special Forces and MI soldier that has fought in both Gulf wars, Afghanistan and a few other hostile places.

I run an often neglected blog, I Will Not Submit!, and a YouTube channel – l4n4st4sl3m

One of the things I often do is to forward some of the terrorist info to contacts I still have in the MI community as well as to assist in the Smackdown.

StarCMC – a married stay at home mom of four kids and the proud sister of a US Army Reserve Captain who commanded his unit in Iraq in 2003-2004.  I love my country, and I love the folks who serve in the military.  I am sick of our enemies using our technology to recruit folks to join their cause against us!  Whatever happened to standing up for our country?  That’s not intolerance, folks!  It’s self-preservation — and I happen to think this country is worth preserving!!

Jer – just your average everyday citizen who believes we are in a serious fight for our way of life.  I will not sit back and allow it to happen.  I am not in the military, but I can join the battle by keeping jihadist propaganda off YouTube.  It is a small piece for sure, but if we concede the YouTube battlefield, the jihadists will have won a valuable tool to spread their message, and perhaps more importantly, a venue to meet possible recruits.

eyesoftejas – a working mom, grandmother of 9, and the proud parent of a son who has 23 years in the Army.  He was in Iraq in 2005, and came home safely.  Many weren’t so lucky.  Some of the bodies of some of those who did not make it back have been on You Tube, very plainly to be seen in whatever shape they died.  I have seen them, and it makes me angry to think that a soldier’s loved one could come across him or her on some video.  There are many in my large, extended family in the military.  Jihadists are trying to undermine what our men and women are doing, and in a very evil way.

Others - there are several retired military in our group who are not included in this interview.  Additionally, daily involvement and instrumental to the success of this endeavor are mypetjawa and FreeRepublic.

Creeping Sharia: When was the first Jihadi Smackdown and how successful have you been to date?

Lady Raven – July 4, 2007 is the day we first posted videos.

We measure our success in various ways.  Any video removed, any user suspended, is success in our books.

Or this – Taliban Admits Defeat By Operation YouTube Smackdown!

Or just by the sheer numbers.  Thru April we have gotten suspended 768 users and removed 35,443 videos from YouTube.

Creeping Sharia: Which Islamic terrorist group(s) are most prominent on Youtube?

Lan Astaslem – It varies at times. Often it depends on what’s going on in the real world.  During Operation Cast Lead, there were a large increase in Hamas and Hezbollah uploads.

StarCMC – Depends – right now it seems like Hamas and Somalis are pretty prevalent, but there are also Islamist terrorist groups from every country you can imagine!

Jer – Personally I think Hamas, or at least they seem to be the most difficult to remove.

Lady Raven – Pick any terrorist group.  Propaganda videos produced via their own media production house with recruitment in mind are prevalent.  There seems to be a never-ending supply.

Creeping Sharia: Do these Islamic terrorist groups kill or target Americans for death?

Lan Astaslem – I’m sure if they got the chance they all would.  Death to America seems to be their universal war cry.

StarCMC – Yes.  I’m not sure how many of the actual POSTERS of the videos are truly involved in jihad, other than to post the recruiting videos.  Have they ever pulled a trigger?  Who knows.  But they certainly are posting terrorist propaganda.  These groups – Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and other factions – they all have one goal in mind….total Islamic domination of the world.  Their videos are full of dead bodies and even, at times, beheadings, of anyone they perceive as an enemy of their goal — including American soldiers.  Many times these are even other Muslims who don’t do what they say.

Jer – The hunters among us would be far better at directing you to profiles that call for the death of the “kaffir” or make personal threats of violence, but countless YouTube videos contain jihadists attacking our troops followed by many virtual ala akbars in the comments.

Lady Raven – The Al Qaeda of 2001 that masterminded 9/11 is the same Al Qaeda that distributes videos calling for death to America today.  That has not changed.  And it needs to be said that this “jihad” is not directed only at Americans.  No country is safe from their intent to dominate.  StarCMC noted other Muslims are targeted.  To find a video of a dozen Iraqi’s being shot in the back of the head as they kneel on the ground is far from rare.

Recruitment and sympathy to jihad is all important to radical Islam.  Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad will have a long and happy life on the jihad YouTube circuits.  We have no way of knowing if he was additionally influenced by YouTube videos.  I would be willing to bet he was no stranger to them.  Robert Spencer of JihadWatch said, “This is a clear Islamic terrorist attack on American soil, no less unmistakable that 9/11 although of course on a much smaller scale.”

There have, over the near two years, been targets that we have been asked to back away from, usually by intelligence, and it is not a problem for us to do so.

Creeping Sharia: For folks who read this and want to get involved, how can they be a part of the jihadi Smackdown?

StarCMC – we have several websites that work in different ways.  Your readers should just check them out and find the one (or ones!) that they like best and jump on in!  We can use all the help we can get, and we know that the reason we’ve been as successful as we have is because of the many, MANY people who follow our sites and flag the videos!

Jer – jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day is the easiest way to participate.  We post one video a day for users to flag.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed in any feed reader or sign up to receive a once daily email with the daily link.  Be forewarned though, the SMACKDOWN of the day is very effective and typically goes down early.

Visit our headquarters to find member sites that offer play lists for SMACKDOWN opportunities.

SMACKDOWN site with government contact information! It seems YouTube is most responsive when the federal government mentions something to them, thank you Senator Leiberman.  Therefore, we created a site, with playlists, to demonstrate the availability of terrorist supporting propaganda on YouTube.  Feel free to help spread the word to your representatives!

Logos and Images – to be used on blogs and websites to help promote Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN.

Creeping Sharia: How long does it take an individual to smack down a video after registering, and how does it help?

Jer – You can flag a video as quick as a few seconds depending on what type of video it is.  Bomb making videos can be quickly flagged as “harmful dangerous acts” – “abuse of fire or explosives”.  Videos of IED’s can be flagged as “Violent or Repulsive Content” – “adults fighting” or “physical attack”.  Martyr videos can often be flagged: “Violent or Repulsive Content” -  “shocking or disgusting content”. To truly be effective though, most videos require a description of the hate speech contained in the video.  For instance, for a video lecture featuring Osama bin Laden, I might explain to YouTube that “this video features osama bin laden the leader of al Qaeda.”

We have a set of YouTube SMACKDOWN instructions posted at, which the terrorist supporters on YouTube thought so highly of, they lifted them verbatim.

Lady Raven – How does it help?  You would be joining us in “trying to preserve what our military fights for every day: Life! Liberty! The Pursuit of Happiness!”

Creeping Sharia:

Thank you each for introducing the Youtube Smackdown Corps to our readers and we hope to enlist many more to the corps.

This is an opportunity not just for Americans, but for anyone who opposes the jihadist threat, particularly the majority of Muslims whom we are repeatedly told are peace loving folks whose religion has been hijacked. From your home, without threat of reprisal, Muslims and non-Muslims alike can help stop the proliferation of cyber jihad through these videos.