Hamas rockets fired towards Tel Aviv

ABC Australia - 15 November 2012 - From Matt Brown

TONY EASTLEY: The sounds of sirens across Israel's second largest city, Tel Aviv, has signalled a dangerous escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas - the Islamist militant group which runs Gaza.

Hamas rockets have been fired on the large Mediterranean coastal city, killing three Israelis.

Israel has retaliated with air strikes. Palestinian officials say there have been 15 deaths in Gaza so far.

Middle East correspondent Matt Brown is in Gaza City.

Matt Brown, the situation is hot because of the assassination of Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jabari. What do you think the significance is of these rocket attacks aimed at Tel Aviv?

MATT BROWN: These are very significant and there has been some (explosive sounds) - sorry Tony, just a couple of air strikes going off here as we speak. And that's the response of the Israeli air force coming in here to the north of the Gaza Strip. (continue reading...)