Hamas agrees to Palestinian state on 67 lines

The Times of Israel - 26 February 2013 - From Elhanan Miller

Senior official Moussa Abu-Marzouq says his movement still won’t recognize Israel, wishes to resume attacks in the West Bank

Hamas is prepared to accept a Palestinian state demarcated by the pre-1967 lines, with Jerusalem as its capital and without any Jewish settlements within its borders, an official in Hamas’s political bureau said, noting that the sole difference in outlook between his organization and Fatah on the matter concerns recognition of Israel.

Moussa Abu-Marzouq, the deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau and the top candidate to replace the organization’s chief, Khaled Mashaal, after his expected retirement, said in an interview published on Hamas’s website that Hamas and Fatah had agreed to statehood based on the pre-1967 ceasefire lines as part of a national reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo on May 4, 2011.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly asserted tha (continue reading...)