Hamas Rockets Shower on Southern Israel

National Review - 20 November 2012 - From Benjamin Weinthal

Sderot, Israel — The radical Islamic organization Hamas continued throughout today, Tuesday, with its barrage of rockets into Israel. The number of Hamas missiles fired today reached over 140, murdering 18-year-old Israeli soldier Yosef Partuk and Israeli Bedouin civilian Alayaan Salem al-Nabari in southern Israel.

Southern Israeli cities and towns are experiencing heavy rocket attacks. In the city of Ashdod, Hamas rocket fire caused light injuries to seven people and caused the destruction of a grocery store. The residents of Sderot, a small Israeli town located less than a mile from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, express skepticism that the international community can negotiate with Hamas.

Pnina Buhbut, a mother and resident of Sderot whose front yard was hit with a Qassam rocket today, tells me that "Hamas is terrorism, and not a government." Her distrust of Hamas as a negotiating partner is patently justifiable. Yet the Arab world, in addition to the Swiss government and many other countries, continue to legitimize Hamas. (continue reading...)