Génération Identitaire Urges Participation Sunday January 13

GalliaWatch - 06 January 2013

Here is the first of what will probably be several posts on the upcoming march on January 13 against the "marriage for all" bill that will be put to a vote on January 29. This bill, if voted into law, will allow gays to marry and to adopt children. The bill has been vigorously opposed by Catholics, both liberal and traditional.

But many others, from various religions and philosophies, are refusing to accept the French government's attempt to denature marriage from its definition, grounded in natural law, of a union between a man and a woman into something never before seen in Western cultures (never dreamed of until recent times), namely a union of anybody with anybody.

More than the issue of marriage, though, it is the possibility of adoption by homosexuals that is of greatest concern to some of the individuals and organizations that are planning to come out on January 13 (one week from today). One group, the Génération Identitaire, has published a letter declaring its intent to participate and urging all who are concerned to do the same. Génération Identitaire, you will recall, made headlines around the world last October when it occupied the rooftop of the Poitiers mosque:

Set to be voted on this coming January 29, the so-called bill on "marriage for all" provides for the legalization of marriage between persons of the same sex, the possibility of adopting a child, and if the Socialist amendment added on December 20 is adopted, for Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA). The law on bioethics passed on August 6, 2004, currently restricts PMA to couples who cannot have a child due to the infertility of one of the parents, or because of the risk of transmitting a serious disease.

Let's be clear: the expression "marriage for all" was fashioned for the purposes of propaganda that we condemn, and therefore we refuse to use it. Marriage is not a right, it is an institution that possesses, in the eyes of many Frenchmen be they believers or not, heterosexuals or homosexuals, a sacred character. Marriage between persons of the same sex is a minority demand, even among homosexuals, whose voices have been highjacked by an extremist gay lobby proclaiming itself to be representative.

Within the Génération Identitaire are many children of divorced parents, who have had to suffer the disruptions of recomposed, and especially decomposed, families. Our generation was hit full force by the systematic breakdown of the family, of values and collective beliefs that give structure to a society. We are the children of a mutating society born from the imagination of the generation of 1968, that now controls most of the power in France. And it is also by virtue of this - as test-tube babies of mad scientists - that we condemn this bill with no reservations. This is a law that violently attacks the equilibrium of the family and of children in the first place, hence the very future of our country. By marching against homosexual marriage and adoption, the youth will be demonstrating for its future.

We call on our members, those who sympathize with us, and more generally on all young Frenchmen to join in the January 13 demonstration in Paris.

Note: In the photo above members of the GI paste up anti-Hollande posters. (continue reading...)