Germany: Raising Public Awareness of Islam Using Art

Citizen Warrior - 10 January 2013
Germany: Raising Public Awareness of Islam Using Art

We thought this was an interesting and, at least for some people, possibly an effective way to get through to them without saying a word.

An artist who calls him or herself "Rosato" travels around Germany to photograph beautiful public statues of women, then veils them and photographs them again. This creates a simple and elegant communication.

We found it sad and disturbing to see these beautiful statues veiled. And something else: When the statue is veiled it becomes really clear that it obliterates the individuality of the woman. It blanks her out.

She becomes a cipher. So much of our human personality is in our faces. The veil hides it from the world.

Follow the links below to watch Rosato's two videos (slide shows really):

Rosato - Part 1 Rosato - Part 2

Or go to Facebook to see Rosato's photographs. In a short post about this, LastDaysNews writes:

Repression leads to resistance. Censoring speech leads to more covert forms of messaging. Political correctness gives birth to more sophisticated forms of protest. A mysterious German artist calling himself Rosato has begun putting Burkas over the heads of female statues in the park to warn about the impact of Islamization on Europe.

A picture says a thousand words and these pictures communicate even more than that without violating a single law.

What original action can you take to get people to take a second look at Islam and stop blindly buying the comforting lie that Islam is really a religion of peace?

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