German Prosecutors Seek Arrest Warrant for Turkish Terror Suspect

Spiegel Online - 16 August 2009

German prosecutors have applied for an arrest warrant for a Turkish citizen called Mevlüt K. on suspicion that he helped to supply the so-called "Sauerland cell" with detonators for planned bomb attacks on targets in Germany.

The German Federal Prosecutor's Office last Thursday applied for an arrest warrant for Mevlüt K., a 30-year-old Turkish man, on charges of supporting a terrorist group in Germany, SPIEGEL has learned.

Atilla Selek (left), one of three men suspected of belonging to a radical Islamist terror cell that plotted attacks on targets in Germany, has told German police that a Turkish man, Mevlüt K., supplied the detonators.

He is suspected of having helped the four members of the so-called "Sauerland cell" to get 26 detonators into Germany for a planned series of attacks on targets there. The suspicion is partly based on a statement made by one of the defendants, Atilla Selek, to officers from the Federal Criminal Police Office. Selek said he "couldn't have done it" without Mevlüt K.'s help.

Mevlüt K., who lived in the southwestern German town of Ludwigshafen until 2002, had built up a network of Islamic militants in Germany and the Balkans, according to German police. There have been several criminal investigations running against him on suspicion of terrorism in (...)