Geert Wilders touring Australia this month

08 February 2013
Geert Wilders touring Australia this month

Australian Conservative 8 February 2013

    Geert Wilders will be visiting Melbourne, Perth and Sydney this month at the invitation of the Q Society

Mr Wilders is a member of the Dutch lower house and leader of the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid, The Party for Freedom). Sydney Morning Herald columnist Paul Sheehan notes today that the Q Society sent invitations to 830 state and federal politicians, of which only four were accepted. "The other 99.5 per cent of politicians declined or did not respond,” Sheehan wrote.

Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt comments:

The right-thinking make life tougher for the Dutch politician who merely talks than for those whose threats force him to travel here under the protection of five police.

The headline on Sheehan’s column neatly sums up the situation in Australia: "Fear doesn’t need a visa, and it’s on tour already.”

Mr Wilders’ Party of Freedom won 10.1 per cent of the vote in elections last year for the Dutch House of Representatives, Sheehan reports.

According to the Q Society, "The PVV wants to end immigration from Islamic countries and demands that immigrants who are already in the country assimilate into Dutch society. It also advocates the withdrawal of the Netherlands from the European Union.”

For more information or to register for the meetings, contact the Q Society online at or call 1300 023 287.

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