Geert Wilders Shows Fitna in Rome

Beer N Sandwiches Blogspot - 19 February 2009 - From Aeneas

Gordon Brown missed the opportunity today to view the film Fitna today and shake the hand of champion of Western civilisation Geert Wilders who was showing his film in Rome.

If Wilders was entrusted to sorting out the economic mess created by Brown et al then the people of Europe and the world would have had greater hope for the future. In the event the hopes of people placing their faith in the 'third way' will turn to despair and ruin. I suppose the people of Europe get the leaders that they deserve. If Brown is wrong about the economy it is likely that he is wrong about the virtues of Islamisation.

Fitna was shown in Rome and Wilders was present proving that Italy is a much more free society than Great Britain which constrains and cajoles in the name of the intolerant New Labour creed that tolerates no dissent from its worldview. It is good to see that the cultural heart of Western Civilisation stands firm against the tide of Islamist intimidation that says that no one can speak out against or question Islam. The Italian’s have shown the metal of their imperial Roman roots and stood firm against the bullies who want to transform their society into an Islamic state under sharia.

The Labour Government said that the era of boom and bust economics was at an end and its representatives now criticise Geert Wilders. On how many issues must the British Labour Government be proved wrong before it does the honourable thing and stands down? How much more damage to Great Britain must be suffered at the hands of these short sighted incompetent and traitorous imbeciles? Surely it is time for change!

The British press in not much better than the New Labour crew and are probably in league with them. They label Geert Wilders ‘extreme right’ but do not provide any justification of this appellation. This labelling is dishonest and grossly misleading and demonstrates the sorry state of the fourth estate in Great Britain. No wonder that the British press seems worried about competition from the Internet and seems willing to support measures to suppress and constrain such competition. It seems that there is an emerging axis of mediocrity between the media and New Labour that perhaps seeks to make true public discourse impossible.

The event today in Rome took place in an environment of massive security with the Italian army and the Caribinari securing the immediate vicinity of the conference. This of course was necessary because of the previous record of Islamists in the Western world which has suggested that their intentions are not peaceful and do not respect an individual’s right to free speech. It seems that links were made between Wilders and Italian politicians and activists that will help take the message of Fitna to a much broader audience within Italy. This is very important as the Islamisation of Italy continues apace. Italy has a rich culture that should be protected and preserved for future generations.

It is good to see Geert Wilders building up alliances in Italy and getting his message to a much wider audience within Italy.