Fundamentalism no, human rights yes! - pro-Israel rally in Poland

- 09 January 2009

„Fundamentalism no, human rights yes!” were among slogans at rally supporting Israel, which took place close to Warsaw’s old town Saturday afternoon, January 10th. In contrast with European mainstream/leftist tendency, in Poland you can still support Israel.

Despite cold weather, the rally gathered above 200 people from various NGO’s and of various beliefs. They participated in the peaceful demonstration in order to support the right of Israel to self-defense.

Foundation Hope for Future (Nadzieja dla Przyszłości) and Association of Jewish Communities in Poland together expressed their hope for peace in Middle East and for democratic Palestinian state.

The true source of Palestinian problems, according to representatives speaking at rally, is Hamas. Due to its terrorist activity, Hamas dragged in Palestinian society into war.

Representatives also called on Palestinian immigrants in Europe and United States to start to work towards independent democratic Palestinian state without terrorist organizations using civilians as human shields.

The demonstration was ended with joint Jewish and Christian prayers for peace in Middle East.

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„Fundamentalism no, human rights yes!” - pro-Israel rally in Poland

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