Freedom House Still Doggedly Libelling Israel

13 November 2012
Freedom House Still Doggedly Libelling Israel

Gatestone Institute 13 November 2012
By Lee Kaplan

Using at best no research, and at worst venomous research, Freedom House chooses to honor the libel which emerges against Israel primarily from the same totalitarian countries Freedom House would have it believe it scrutinizes.

Freedom House, once a reliable guardian of protecting freedom and human rights, continues to slander Israel based on false Palestinian propaganda, which it presents as facts in order to declare Israel "less free" and a violator of human rights.

Freedom House's current research director on Israel, Arch Puddington, was, it seems, less than pleased with a recent Gatestone Institute article slamming the substandard, reckless, and apparently malicious methods to which Freedom House resorts to suppress "inconvenient" information, for example, reports that a member of its Board of Trustees might regard as "politically incorrect".

The latest incident involves Freedom House's downgrade of Israel to the status of "less free" because of its press during wartime. The article apparently drew the ire of Puddington, who wrote a letter to Gatestone's publishers about "inaccuracies" in the article, while offering no examples or corrections, and concluding, "I have been reading Gatestone items from time to time and have generally found them interesting.

This experience, however, has raised serious questions about the credibility and journalistic rigor of your writers and editors." In the letter, Puddington admitted he failed to respond six times to queries about his reports on Israel before the article went to press, and offered no proof or refutations of specific examples in the article, all of which have been proven to be true. (continue reading...)