Forced marriage is ok in UK - Supreme court

Up Pompeii - 12 October 2011

The Supreme court of the UK has just overturned a government bill which stopped foreign spouses entering the UK, this Bill was designed to stop forced marriages in the UK. We all know that forced marriages happen in the UK, indeed forced marriage is not actually illegal l in the UK - call me Dave is still thinking about making it illegal David Cameron to review forced marriage act

The "judges??" declared that it is in breach of article 8 of the Human Rights Act" and thus could not be applied, however there was one judge who appeared to have some sense and was still in touch with reality Scrapping forced marriage law is 'unwise' says judge. Child Brides - A rights Violation 54 Leaders Can't Ignore

This country has allowed millions of people from Bangladesh and Pakistan in and allowed them to settle, they have been allowed to practice their somewhat primitive lifestyle and live by their barbaric laws , forced marriage, honour killings, FGM and other uncivilized practices.

In addition to that the Government sends millions in aid to these countries, these countries do not benefit from the aid, their government officials do.

The people that arrive here are largely from the hinterlands of both countries, uneducated and to a great extent uncivilized and thus they carry on ( as previously stated) with their lifestyle, the kind of lifestyle that will abduct ,rape and force a 12 year old girl into marriage, and guess what this 12 year old was a Christian. (...)