Finns off to fight the jihad in Syria

Tundra Tabloids - 21 January 2013

Shocker? Not! iznogoud over finland There are couple of caveats I need to add to this piece by Kurdish refugee, now Finnish citizen, Husein Muhammad. He correctly identifies the problem of Saudi petrol dollars influencing local communities in the West (in Finland as well) and elsewhere around the world, with the orthodox Islam, called either Wahhabi or Salafi Islam.

The Saudis are flush with cash and are handing it over with some very big strings attached, and it’s influencing Muslim communities into becoming less tolerant.

Husein Muhammad also correctly points out that Muslim communities have received good influences from non-Muslim cultures where they have taken residence, but he also implies that it’s been reciprocal in nature, something that I of course take objection to.

Any positive attributes Islam might have, it borrowed/stole from other cultures. Islam had not brought any beneficial new idea, religious or otherwise, that hadn’t already been put into practice. (continue reading...)