Europe Unites to Fight Rising Intolerance and Xenophobia

Gates of Vienna - 03 December 2012

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from today’s VG, and includes this introductory note: The article concerns a seminar on ‘political extremism’ which will be held in Brussels next week. Seen in isolation, this seminar doesn’t necessarily appear to be all that suspicious, but when we put all the pieces at our disposal together it starts to become very scary indeed, because now the politicians no longer care to hide the fact that their ultimate goal is to get rid of free speech and unwanted political activism. They are beginning to get very brazen about it all, and it’s frightening.

Most politically informed people are by now aware of the tremendous leaps forward that the OIC has made of late in its insidious attempts to outlaw criticism of Islam. Most politically informed people would also be aware of the close cooperation they have enjoyed from certain Western democracies in their struggle to implement this new blasphemy law.

It’s becoming very obvious that the radical left in Norway is a driving ‘force’ in clamping down on free speech in Europe and that they are shamelessly using Anders Behring Breivik politically in this process as an alibi and a means to achieve their undemocratic goals.

The Labour politician Torgeir Larsen wrote a scary op-ed in Dagbladet about a week ago — which was translated and posted on GoV — in which he admitted that the Norwegian Government will start to educate internet watchdogs to discourage the free and unrestricted dissemination of political ideas on the internet that the left find so unpalatable. And the peer pressure techniques that they employ are very effective.

It’s also worrisome that people such as Øyvind Strømmen has been invited to speak at this seminar, as he has previously classified the Counterjihad community as ‘fascists’ and ‘potential terrorists’. If people like Strømmen are able to dictate the future politics of Europe, then we’re really in deep trouble.

A word about the political future of Europe (and the USA as well):

EUSSRThe likes of Øyvind Strømmen can only dictate our future politics if the people of each country allow them to do so. We, the People are sovereign, and it’s important to remember this. (continue reading...)