Egypts Supreme Judiciary Council Agrees to Supervise Constitutional Referendum

Dr. Andrew Bostom - 03 December 2012 - From Andrew Bostom

People are thirsty for Sharia. We do not support the president for who he is, but rather for the Islamic project he promises. ** Al Ahram, Al Jazeera (via Egypt News), and Reuters are all reporting that Egypt’s Supreme Judiciary Council has announced today (Tuesday, 12/3/12) that it will appoint judges and prosecutors to supervise the constitution referendum, slated for December 15, 2012.

Reuters quoted President Morsi’s legal adviser, Mohamed Gadallah, who stated,

The Supreme Judicial Council has met and agreed to delegate judges to oversee the constitutional referendum

According to Al Ahram, Judge Samir Abou El-Maati, head of Cairo’s Appeal Court, will oversee the council. Al Ahram also noted that voting to approve or reject the new Constitution will take place earlier, between December 8-11, 2012, for Egyptian expatriates.

As I noted previously, President Morsi and the mainstream, governing Sharia supremacists he represents, are counting on the Sharia supporting Egyptian masses to give their imprimatur to the new Constitution. (continue reading...)