EUs Hezbollah policy has a steep price - 11 February 2013 - From Paul Michaels

Bulgaria’s release of a report blaming Hezbollah for the bombing of a tourist bus in the city of Burgas last July that killed five Israelis and the Bulgarian bus driver has focused attention on the European Union, which, to date, has refused to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

Bulgaria, an EU member, went to extraordinary lengths, with American and Israeli forensic assistance, to determine that Iranian-backed Hezbollah was almost certainly responsible for the attack prior to announcing its verdict, out of concern about the pressure this would put on other EU members.

On Feb. 5, the New York Times noted: "[Bulgaria’s] announcement could force the European Union to reconsider designating the Lebanon-based group as a terrorist organization and cracking down on its fund-raising. That would upend Europe’s policy of quiet tolerance of the group.”

This led Walter Russell Mead, the respected strategic analyst, to remark on his American Interest blog that, if the Times is right, "Europe may now be in the process of discovering a spine.” (continue reading...)