EU united against religious extremism - 06 December 2012 - From Kayleigh Lewis

An event in parliament has heard how extremism continues to pose a threat, and that Europe is no exception. The event, held on Wednesday and chaired by ECR deputy Charles Tannock, was attended by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

The religious leader spoke about the persecution of Ahmaddiyah Muslims by other Islamic sects, and how tolerance and peace are required now more than ever.

Tannock said, "These hard-line Islamist Jihadist sects do not represent, in any way, Islam as a whole or the wider Muslim world."

He continued, "The message of peace comes at a critical time in global politics, extremist ideology has an international impact, if the countries do not check such extremism then it can spread.

"We, in Europe, believe that democracy generally goes hand in hand with respect for fundamental human rights. But the fact remains that religious extremism and violence represent a clear threat to both peace and human rights. (continue reading...)