EU ultimatum to the OIC: Change your tune on Durban II or we wont come - 16 March 2009 - From Lars Hedegaard

The European Union will attempt to form a common front in order to force the UN’s racism conference, Durban II, to deal with something other than anti-Israeli slander and attacks on free speech. Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, quoted by the Ritzau News Agency and the Copenhagen daily Berlingske Tidende, believes that the EU countries will boycott the conference unless its course is radically changed.

The EU will now attempt a final ultimatum to the countries participating in Durban II: They must put a stop to their anti-Israeli agitation and their criticism of the freedom of expression. If not, the EU will stay away.

The US, Canada, Israel and Italy have already decided to boycott the conference, which the OIC, The Organization of the Islamic Conference, has made into a smear campaign against Israel and free speech.

Says Foreign Minister Moeller: “We will now present our people in Geneva with a paper stating the European points of view. If that is complied with, we will stay in the process.”

“In my judgment, we will all walk together or stay together,” says Per Stig Moeller to the Ritzau News Agency.

The EU ultimatum takes exception to the current draft of the conference’s final document, which attacks Israel in a harsh and one-sided manner and expresses a clear desire to limit free speech in order to prevent criticism of religion.

Foreign Minister Moeller hopes that the EU can secure backing for its stance among less developed countries that do not subscribe the OIC’s agenda.