ELECTION 2008: Convention Democrats warned about radical Islam

worldnetdaily.com - 26 August 2008 - From Bob Unruh

'It is a serious threat. This war is against our way of life'

DENVER. A statement of issues and positions provided by the Democratic National Convention includes not a single reference to "radical Islam," and its only references to "Islam" are to an imam scheduled to speak and to identify Afghanistan as where the U.S. should be battling al-Qaida, since "the vast majority of Muslims believe in a future of peace, tolerance."

However, an organization has been flooding DNC delegates and Denver with copies of the video "Obsession" because members believe the threat to the U.S. is being dismissed or minimized, and the results – like those of Sept. 11, 2001 – could be catastrophic.

"The reaction has been everything from people who are upset with us and call us Islamophobes to a gay, Jewish delegate who's seen 'Obsession' and told us the Democrats aren't taking radical Islamic fundamentalists seriously," said Karen England, a spokeswoman for the group promoting the Watch Obsession website.

An incident in Denver just as preparations for the DNC were in full swing provides some grounds to believe the issue should be addressed, the video promoters say. Days before the DNC convened, a Somali man who had been living in Canada was found dead in (...)