Durban II: The Legalization of Genocide by the United Nations, A Counter-Conference in NYC

PJ Media - 21 April 2009

For many years, the United Nations has conducted itself in ways that range from the ridiculous to the surreal. They have been utterly ineffective in all things save one: the legalization of Jew-hatred.

That grim project continues to gather force and is now a potentially genocidal one. The current Durban II conference is more of the same diabolical Mad Hatters party. But make no mistake: The UN and the Organization of Islamic States take themselves very seriously. They think there is nothing illogical, biased, perverted, or even "racist" about their condemnation of the Jewish state.

The failure to stop Durban I not only led to Durban II. It played a role in the escalating and never-ending intifada against Israel and in the "hate Israel" mob demonstrations in the Islamic world and in the West, including on American and European campuses that have taken place ever since.

Let me suggest that President Amadinejad means exactly what he says. He does plan to implement another Holocaust against the Jews. We deny this at our own peril. And, Amadinejad does plan to "play," shame and, if possible, defeat America in terms of Iran's obtaining and using nuclear power.

The arrest of Iranian-American journalist, Roxana Sabari, as an American "spy" is only the first of many steps in response to President Obama's open hand and conciliatory tone.

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