Double killer tried to build glider out of fridge shelves, coat hangers and bed sheets to escape prison

Daily Mail Online - UK - 07 November 2012 - From Phil Vinter

A man serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of two French students attempted to construct a glider out of fridge shelves, a mattress, coat hangers and bed sheets so he could 'fly out of prison'.

The makeshift contraption, which had been cobbled together by convicted killer Daniel Sonnex, was discovered by prison officer Richard Stringfellow on June 19, 2010, Reading Crown Court heard.

Sonnex was jailed for life in 2008 for the torturing and stabbing to death of Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez.

He was serving his sentence at HMS Lartin maximum security jail in Evesham when he launched an attack on Mr Stringfellow.

The court was told that 27-year-old Sonnex, jumped on the officer's back and holding a knife, shouted: 'I'm going to slit your f****** throat.'

As he was restrained by other officers, Sonnex, who had previously converted to Islam and appeared in court wearing a Muslim headdress, started shouting, foaming at the mouth and chanting in Arabic.

He told the court he attacked Mr Stringfellow because the officer had found a 'glider' he was building out of fridge shelves, which he planned to use to fly out of the prison.

Asked what his thoughts were on the morning of the attack, Sonnex said: 'I thought agents were out to get me, both French and British, to assassinate me.

'It was broadcasted across the TV that me and my co-defendant were used as government scapegoats in order to cover up the murder of students who were about to expose the bird flu virus.'

The court heard officers were searching for missing shelves from a fridge, which Mr Stringfellow found in the exercise yard.

Sonnex told the court he had been building a glider using the shelves, as well as coat hangers, his mattress and sheets from his cell, and did not want it to be found.

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