CBC.ca 12 May 2017
Ontario Deputy Premier Deb Mathews condemns article and the government will stop buying ads in magazine
PamelaGeller 28 April 2017
Even as Abbas prepares for talks with Trump next week, he allows Islamist org to rally and call for armies to ‘take over all of Palestine’.
thered in R ...
Why We Fight (Political) Islam
10News.dk 27 April 2017

I was recently asked: Why fight Islam? The short answer is because Islam fights us and since it knows no borders and it knows no mercy, it will keep ...

Breitbart News Network 26 April 2017
US President Donald Trump on Monday stressed the importance of remembering lessons of the Holocaust, underscoring the need to “remain vigilant ...
Birmingham Mail 11 April 2017
Salafi Independent School criticised after posting Twitter ad for science & Islamic Studies teacher
Palestinian Media Watch 11 April 2017
What might be considered a bad April Fool's Day joke in other parts of the world, was taught in earnest on official Palestinian Authority TV on April ...
PamelaGeller 03 April 2017
New Germany, same as the old Germany. Der Fuehrer Merkel has imported a vicious army of Jew-haters to complete the work that Hitler started.
Gatestone Institute 24 March 2017
"Fake news" has become a subject of real news. But there's nothing new about "fake news." Holocaust deniers have generated fake news for decades. The ...
Jihad Watch 22 March 2017
The Qur’an depicts the Jews as the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); as fabricating things and falsely ascribing them to ...
National Review 08 March 2017
In Europe’s experience, high levels of immigration from the Middle East and North Africa have caused anti-Semitism to spike.

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